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about the play.

Ay! Ay! Ay! & the Westside Stories: A Puerto Rican Play is based on the life of Broadway actor-writer-director-educator-activist Julio Agustin Matos, Jr.  It’s a one-man show about Julio—but he’s not in it.

This meta-musical solo show stars three male and one female-identifying actor (yes, we get the irony), each embodying divergent facets of the conceiver’s career in the white-understood American Theatre and academia. Clashes, gnashes, humor, and regrets persist as the men navigate the woman-guided dilemma of “Should we or shouldn’t we [do this Puerto Rican play]?". They confront their futures, past choices and current reputations – even their Latinidad.

The Characters:

JULIO, 20s. Puerto Rican male. An earnest actor prodigy. He has had a blessed career thus far. The quiet type, he works hard to make others happy--it's the road to success--but there's a fire in his heart of gold that he keeps un-ignited.

AGUSTIN, 30s. Puerto Rican male. A Broadway mainstay. He is sick of watching his heritage be misrepresented onstage but has, himself, played every non-white character type they've written. And he's loud about all of it.

MATOS, 40s. Non Puerto Rican Latiné male. An artist scholar. He went into teaching because his generation didn't see roles for men like him. Uses teaching to get his power back, but wields it whether or not it's welcome. He's always talking.

JAM JR., Ageless. Gender fluid female presenting Hispanic or Afro Latina. She is the world. She is a mirror. She is food. She is injustice. She is revolution. She is girls. She is men. She is tomorrow. She is yesterday. She is life. She is the power of a black woman.


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meet the creatives.

development history.

New York City

25-hr. Developmental Work Session

Grace Church, Harlem

starring Danyel Fulton, Williem Jiménez, Cedric Leiba, Jr., Joel Oramas

March 2024


Colorado New Music Festival

Backstory Theatre

August 2023

New York City

Miranda Family Fund

Latiné Musical Theatre Lab's 4xLatiné Downtown

August 2023

New York City

Movement Exploration Lab w/dancer-actor Amy Romero and composer Andre Danek

January 2023

New York City

El Sol of el Barrio, NYC

Maria Torres, Producer

Alexander Casasnovas, Dir.

February 2022

New York City

Text/lyric development reading starring Reynaldo Piniella, Danyel Fulton, David Anzuelo and Joel Oramas

February 2022

New York City

American Theatre Group's Playlab BIPOC & Queer Writer's Group

Fall 2021

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